Business Development


Achieve Sustained Growth

 Our company’s staff and associates are  seasoned experts with years of experience navigating the workings of  Capitol Hill, the Executive Branch, the Department of Defense, industry,  small business, and academia. We work with businesses to formulate  winning strategies for success in government contracting and  corporate subcontracting.  

Our  company assists clients by providing business development strategies,  strategic planning, program management expertise, executive coaching,  contract management and administration, and diversity solutions that  allow the business to realize its goals for sustained growth.

Increase Your Opportunities

Drawing on our insight into the inner  workings of Washington, we work with our clients to identify and capture  new opportunities and effectively advocate for increased opportunities.  Our associates are well versed in all aspects of the federal budget and  related Congressional oversight and many are experienced program  managers and contracting officers. Clients benefit from our experience  with Executive Branch requirements and budgeting processes as well as  Legislative Branch policy, authorization, and appropriations.

Additionally,  we have extensive networks of supply chain and supplier diversity  managers to ensure your company is aware of and positioned to take  advantage of opportunities for subcontracting with many Fortune 500  companies.  SCN will help to develop and energize your company's  strategy to ensure success and growth.

Executive Coaching

Strategic Consulting Network Executive coaching is an International  Coaching Federation (ICF) certified process of facilitation, detailed  and clearly documented, that creates positive change in business  behavior.  We use the Sherpa@ coaching process where the executive coach  is an expert facilitator who works one-on-one with an executive or  senior manager to create positive changes in business behavior within a  fixed period. The role of the coach is to share knowledge and tools to  assist executives, and their organizations, to optimize positive  leadership behavior via a proven business process.